HSBC Bookmarklet

a.k.a the 'Autologgerinnerer'

This is super simple and not super secure. But hey, it's probably more secure than writing the details on a post-it note and sticking that to your monitor, eh?

This is not an example of good code, but it works for me. It should survive mild-markup changes by the HSBC team. Inspired by Chris Roos and his attempts to bypass HSBC's painful login procedure programmatically.

I turned the code below into a bookmarklet using John Grubers JavaScript Bookmarklet builder

The Gist at the bottom of the page is heavily commented to try to walk you through it. It's not pretty, but if I was going to use anything to access my Internet Banking I'd want to give it a read-over first.


Through the power of online collaboration, Chris Roos (see the gist below for the non-edited docs).

  1. Get a copy of John Gruber's perl script to create bookmarklets (Chris copied it and created a gist)

    $ git clone git:// make-bookmarklet

  2. Get the bookmarklet

    $ git clone git:// hsbc-bookmarklet

  3. Add your hsbc credentials to hsbc-bookmarklet/hsbc_bookmarklet.js

  4. Bookmarkify the javascript

    $ cat hsbc-bookmarklet/hsbc_bookmarklet.js | perl make-bookmarklet/

  5. Create a html page with a link to the bookmarklet

    $ ruby -e 'puts "HSBC Login"' > bookmarklet.html

  6. Open the html page and drag it to your bookmarks bar

    $ open bookmarklet.html


Press once to go to the login form, press again to enter your IB number and submit, press again to complete the second page of the login form.